Orston Village Plan


April 2011 – Young People Survery – Results

About the Village Plan:

On 19th May 2009 over 90 people of all ages filled the Village Hall to find out about the Village Plan. Six short presentations from all ages between 9 and 70 were given by a cross-section of residents from the village, the questions they were asked to answer were

‘What is good about living in Orston?’ and ‘What would make it better?’

The audience were then asked to answer the same questions and the results of these were written on to ‘Yellow sheets’. The results of which are on the link below.

A vote was then taken and it was agreed to go ahead with the Village Plan.

A steering group of 11 people has now been formed with a further 26 people ready to help as volunteers – extras always welcome….

Andy Holmes , Chairman 850830
Stewart Davidson, Vice Chairman 850820
Pauline Davidson, Secretary 850820
Caroline Newton, Youth 850190
Bob White, Youth 850253
Shirley Oates, Publicity 859024
Jeanette Hoole, Volunteer Liaison 850317
Brian Harrison, 850725
Lewis Wardle, Young People 850253
Peter Simpson, 850044

Carola Jones, Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire

The two most urgent priorities the steering group have identified are –

1 Find out what the young people of the village need and address these issues.
2 Use the volunteers to build on the findings of the yellow sheets.

March 2010 Village Survey

We have had an excellent response to the village survey both in terms of quantity (166 forms) and quality – 212 suggestions on how Orston can be even better. Thanks to everybody who contributed.

Key Findings:

  • 98% Don’t want to lose the village hall. There are many suggestions for events, new clubs and other activities.
  • 93% Describe Orston in positive terms, for example: “Friendly”, “Strong Sense of Community”
  • The main problems identified are to do with traffic – speeding and Lorries through the village. Residents of Station Road are particularly concerned.

What happens next:

The Steering Group are in the process of creating an ‘Action Plan’ that will form part of the final Village Plan. The actions are based on the issues and concerns that villagers raised in both the village survey and the public meeting on 28th April 2010.

The Steering Group meet once a month in order to move the creation of the Village Plan forward….and all take tasks onboard to support this.

Currently, in addition to creating our action plan (the main issues that need addressing), we are in the process of writing the first draft of our Village Plan. Once again, a variety of Steering Group members and volunteers are supporting on this piece of work.

We will shortly be announcing a date for a further public meeting (targetted for mid October), in order to present back our Action Plan before moving on to complete the Village Plan document.

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