Aslockton Cranmers and Orston Football Club

As you may be aware, we currently have a project, the Orston Project, where we intend to build a new pavilion at our home ground in Orston.

This pavilion will replace our old wooden pavilion which is almost unfit and unsafe for use. This is a desperate need for the club.

Our pavilion will be used not only by our football club, but will also be available to the local community. It will include a clubroom, with toilets and a kitchen area, as well as changing facilities with showers and toilets.

This project will have a huge impact on sport in the local area, benefitting not only members of this club, but young people and adults in the local area also.


Our project obviously comes at an expense. We need to provide electricity at the field which alone costs £26,000 plus a water source to the field costing around £10,000. The whole project is estimated to cost in the region of £115,000.

We currently have £50,000 raised with a promise of a further £13,000 towards the electricity supply to the field. This gives us a target of just over £50,000 left to raise. In order to raise this amount, we will hold a series of fundraisers, however the majority of funding will come from large sources of sponsorship. Lightsource Renewable Energy have donated £36,000 towards our project which we are extremely grateful for. We are in the process of applying to the Football Foundation for funding also.

To see a copy of the plans for the new pavilion click here

The fundraising campaigns we will be running include a ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign which involves the purchase of a brick for £100 which will be engraved with the purchaser’s name and used for the front of the pavilion, and therefore on show for many years. There will be 200 bricks available to purchase. There will also be smaller fundraising attempts and details of these will be available on our website and our Facebook page, listed at the bottom of this letter.

There are several opportunities for major sponsorship including the lifetime sponsorship of our home ground – £4,500, the pavilion – £3,500, the clubroom – £1,000 and the spectator stand – £1,000. Take a look at the images on the next page for an idea of the home ground sponsorship sign. The prices shown are a minimum and the sponsorship opportunity will be awarded to the highest bidder. There will be advertising boards around the main pitch which are available to purchase. Any major sponsorship will be publicised through local media and social media.

For more information, please contact James Hallam using the details below, and visit our website or our Facebook page to keep up to date. / 07780002657 /

See the Buy a Brick flyer