February 2022 Minutes


Minutes of the Orston Parish Council Meeting

Held on 23rd February 2022 at 7 p.m.  in the Village Hall


Cllrs. Nick Hammond (NH), Robin Iliffe (RI), Shirley Lockwood (SL), Gerry McMahon (GM), Tony Benton (TB), Clerk Pauline Ryan (PR).  County Cllr. Francis Purdue Horan (FPH)    Five members of the public.

Apologies for Absence:  Annabel Holmes (AH), Borough Cllr. Sarah Bailey (SB).

Declarations of Interest:  None

Minutes of the January Meeting:  The Minutes were approved by TB and RI.

Correspondence:  Email received from Phil Marshall re no December Minutes on the website.  Phil was advised that there was no December meeting.


Applications:  Ref. No. 22/00153/FUL – Mr. David Parry – Construction of single storey side extension – Brewster’s Keep, High Street.

No objections

Decisions:  Ref. No. 21/02004/FUL – Grantham and Vale Methodist Circuit – Change of use to dwelling for Orston Methodist Church, Chapel Street,  Outline Planning Permission granted but there may be issues with the land curtilage.

Open Session for Visitors:

FPH was welcomed back after his illness and thanked everyone for their good wishes.  He reported the result of the Annual Budget Council Meeting and said that there could be a 4% increase on Council Tax for Band D properties.  He advised that many Parish Councils had not increased their precept and NH confirmed that Orston’s would remain the same.   FPH also confirmed that the Council would be publishing the final draft for the changes to the Rushcliffe Wards and larger wards had been proposed.  NH asked FPH if there had been any further developments regarding the proposed Garden Village and he confirmed that there was a Local Development Framework Meeting in early Spring and said that the consultation period had been extended following the loss of some of the paperwork.  NH asked if a Freedom of Information Report could be applied for and FPH will check on this.  RI asked if it could be checked that all the Orston objections, which had been hand delivered, had not been lost.  FPH confirmed that he will check on this.

Julian Humpheson (JH) said that the signpost prohibiting vehicles at the end of Lombard Street had been relocated past the new development and it had been disputed whether the road past Poppy Cottage had been adopted by Notts County Council.  He is awaiting a response regarding this.  NH will pass on the name of the new person in the relevant NCC Department and commented that Via say the road has been adopted and it appeared there was confusion on the status of that part of the road.

Harry Batchford (HP) asked FPH how he could raise an objection to the consultation on smart motorways and FPH will find out and let him know.

Lorraine Wilkinson (LW) said that she had had an opportunity to ask Robert Jenrick MP about the Garden Village and he had confirmed to her that it would not go ahead.

Orston Community Groups:

a) Orston Grafters – John Lockwood (JL) said that the Grafters were working in the Church grounds, on Mill Lane Green and the Spa and also that they were clearing the Stink Dyke this weekend.  He confirmed that SB had agreed to pay for the flags for the Jubilee and asked FPH if he could contribute towards the flagpoles.  He suggested that a tree and a plaque was purchased for the Jubilee which would be put in the Millennium Green.  TB asked about the finger post on Hill Top and JL agreed that they would take a look at it.  JL asked NH to arrange the road closure for the Jubilee Celebrations on Church Street.

Regarding the removal of the playground equipment NH and RI will advise JL when it has been inspected.

No group updates from Millennium Green or the School at this meeting.

d)  JH said that the consultants had been to look at the Church and that everything was on track at present.

Finance/Clerk Report:

The expense payment for January was approved.

The Financial Statement for January was approved by NH and SL.

PR confirmed that she had written to Marshalls regarding the bus timetable and they had replied that the NCC wrote the timetable and Marshalls just tendered for the service. She has forwarded on this information to Martin Seabrook who is contacting NCC.

PR said that she had contacted Streetwise regarding the dog waste bin on the Millennium Green and that a Stephanie Powell had replied (Contracts Support Supervisor at RBC). She had agreed to replace the chute and refurbish the bin in the next few weeks.

Matters for Consideration:

a) Items for the Bulletin:

SL said that there was quite a lot to go in the Bulletin and that an article received from Rob Gibson regarding cycle maintenance would need to be reduced in size but suggested that it could be put on the website.  NH will arrange this.  There are also items regarding the Millennium Green Spring Event, the Produce Show and an article from the School as well as the regular contributions. TB asked if information regarding the phone number for notifying the Council about potholes could be put in the Bulletin.

b) Advertisement for a new Councillor:

Applications had been received and an interview panel of SL, GM and RI was agreed.  NH will forward a job description and relevant paperwork.

Date for the Annual Parish Meeting:

It was agreed that this should be held before the May Parish Council Meeting at 6 p.m. on 25th May 2022.

Community Group Grant Applications:

A sheet was circulated setting out the Grant Requests from the Orston Millennium Green Trust, the Orston Produce Show and the Orston Garden Club.  It was agreed to grant the OMGT £200, the OPS £100 and the OGC £100.

Moor Lane Footpath:

Following the tipping of spoil from the dykes over the footpath NH had spoken to Jane Baines, The Rights of Way Manager at Via.  The footpath had been a joint venture between the Parish Council, who supplied the manpower and the membrane and hired the equipment and NCC who had supplied the roadstone.  It was agreed that NH will contact Flawborough Farms, who undertook the dyke clearing, to ascertain what could be achieved in reinstating the footpath.

Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations: SL confirmed that 15 members of the public had come forward with offers of help for this and an Events Committee would be set up.  It had been organised that the choir would sing at 9.45 pm when the beacons would be lit and Will Gunn has agreed to light his beacon.  It was also suggested that there should be another Village Photo as the last one was done for the Millennium in 2000.  This will be organised by the Events Committee.  It was also agreed to hire the PA system again for the event.  NH pointed out that the expenditure needed to be carefully controlled as there had not been any increase in the Budget for this year.

Councillors Reports:

Cllr. Robin Iliffe:

RI had nothing to report at this time.

Cllr. Tony Benton:

TB suggested that as there were only four newcomers to the village at present that the Newcomers Evening should include representatives from all the Village Community Groups, which was thought to be a good idea.

He said that there had been a lot of activity from Severn Trent tankers lately on Chapel Street from the site at the end of the road.  It was thought that there had been a blockage and that the tankers had had to take away excess waste.

TB had noticed the white lines that had been put in on Smite Bridge and asked if anything else was in the pipeline to reduce the traffic over the narrow bridge.  FPH said this was part of the ongoing work that would be undertaken.

TB asked if there had been any further developments regarding the planning application for the Shooting Ground and NH agreed to chase this up.

Cllr. Gerry McMahon:

GM commended SL for all the effort that she put into the production of the Bulletin and also thanked the OGs for all the work that they did and mentioned the work and time spent by the councillors in between meetings.

GM also suggested that the OPC needs up to date maps to ascertain registered land and land that is not registered.  It was agreed to ask AH regarding land ownership.

Cllr. Shirley Lockwood:

SL had nothing else to report at this time.

Cllr. Nick Hammond:

NH thanked the OGs for clearing up the fallen tree on the lane at the end of Chapel Street that was brought down in the recent storm.  He also mentioned that the other trees in the village should be checked for dead branches and ivy.

NH said that the air conditioner on Maule Court had been checked following the dispute and that a noise impact study was being undertaken.

Items for the Next Meeting:

There were no items suggested for the next meeting.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 30th March 2022 at 7 p.m.  This will be held in the Village Hall.

Closure of the February Meeting:

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.



Dear Orston Village Hall Committee,

Sorry I wasn’t at your AGM but had I have been there I would have thanked you all for the hard work you put into running Orston Village Hall.

Your amazing voluntary efforts ensure the hall is available for a myriad of uses. For example dance classes, brownie groups (invaluable to the young in our community) and a venue for children’s birthday parties.
Our local W I and The Garden Club have a comfortable place to hold their monthly meetings not to mention the badminton club and The Harvest Club.
Bringing Village Ventures to Orston not just once a year – but twice is an outstanding feat.
The Burns Night is always a roaring success. So many events I could list……

This is all down to the generous giving of your precious time. I realise just how much is needed to keep such high standards week in week out.

A big thank you to each and every one of you.

Fond regards

Donna Burn.

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