The parish council’s financial regulations, internal controls and standing orders are revised annually.

Annual Governance Statement 2021-2022

In accordance with the ‘Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015’, ‘Local Audit Regulations 2015’ and the ‘Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities’, Please find the following document attached:  Annual Governance Statement 2021/22. (Further documentation regarding audit and accounting can be found in the finance section).

OPC Annual Governance Statement 2021_2022

Orston Financial Regulations 2019

Standing Orders 2019


Fair Processing Notice

Freedom of Information

OPC Publication Scheme

ICO registration

The parish council review annually a set of risk assessments and policies on health and safety; and have in place an annually revised Emergency Plan.

See the latest Annual Return on the finance page for the value of OPC’s assets.

Registers of Councillors Interests:

Cllr Benton

Cllr Hammond

Cllr Holmes

Cllr Lockwood

Cllr McMahon

Cllr Illiffe