Orston School Association

We are a group of like minded Mums and Dads who meet usually in the friendly atmosphere of a private room in the Durham Ox Pub, near to the school, in Orston. The teachers take it in turn to come to the meetings, to give us their views and ideas

Our common purpose is to raise extra money to be spent in School for the benefit of all our children, whilst enjoying ourselves too. We meet only when we need to discuss forthcoming events, so there are no regular commitments. We make the meetings to suit ourselves and even if you could just make an occasional meeting, everyone is welcome to sit in and add to our discussions.

We have a varied fund raising calendar each year with our biggest activities being the Summer BBQ and the Orston Grand Sale Day. Our children’s discos are a brilliant way for our families to have a fun evening together,we organise Spring and Autumn Plant Sales and there is usually a Christmas Stocking Filler idea, created by the pupils which we sell to support our cause.

The Association has been proud to donate substantial sums of money to the school and this year has been no exception. We may be a small rural school but we think big and want the best opportunities for our children! Therefore,

a.. £500 has raised and used towards providing team sports kits so that when our pupils take to the field/pitch/court, they are wearing matching kit (that fits!), gives them a sense of pride, and hopefully brings them success!
b.. Our school productions are “sell outs”, pupils’ performances are always a highlight of our school year and we have invested in the region of £2000 to provide new curtains for the main hall to enhance the look and feel of our function area.
c.. One of our most significant achievements has been to donate £5000 towards the provision of a new library in school.. There is still a huge amount of work to be done on this project and we would like to be able to support it with another £4000 this year and our profits from the BBQ will go directly to this project.

We will be supporting the PGL visit by providing funds for the transport which will be around £240.

At the moment we have a strong and effective committee, although obviously this changes each year as children move on, so we rely on new faces coming to join us. We produce regular letters telling you of forthcoming events. These are sent home with the children (but can also be viewed on the school website).

Any member of the Teaching Staff or Mrs Andrews, the school secretary, will always answer any questions you may have and will also be able to put you in contact with committee members.

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