Produce Show

Orston Produce Show

Sunday 12th September 2021

Produce Show Flyer pdf

6th Orston Garden Club Produce Show
Sunday 13 September 2015

Oh what an amazing Produce Show it was – be proud everyone. We had a record 247 class entries and the Orston Village Hall was transformed yet again with a wonderful array of flowers, plants, veggies, home produce, arts and crafts, photographs and paintings. Huge thanks to everyone who entered – you did us proud. And a big round of applause to all the sponsors, supporters, volunteers and Orston and Thoroton WI for scrumptious refreshments – we couldn’t have done it without you.

5th Orston Garden Club Produce Show
Sunday 14th September 2014

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Our best show yet! 50 entrants exhibited wonderful range of vegetables, fruits, flowers, cookery crafts and photography at the Village Hall in the 5th Annual Orston Garden Club Produce Show. The photos below show just some the entries and the winners. Further down is a sheet showing all the classes and top three for each.

Produce Show committee, Garden Club members and volunteers all helped to set up the hall on Saturday and were on duty doing finishing touches at 8.00am on Sunday and dealing with all the paperwork and organisation that needs to be done to make the show run like clockwork.

Orston Garden Club Produce Show chairperson Lyn Churcher said: “Each year our Produce Show just gets better and better. We had 150 visitors and 258 class entries which was an increase of 16% on last year.

“We were so fortunate to have sponsorship from our local businesses, the Parish Council and Councillor Martin Suthers, which made it possible to stage the show. We couldn’t have done it without them. It was an absolutely wonderful day, thanks to our very hard working committee, volunteers and Orston and Thoroton WI who provided refreshments.”

The judges made their rounds viewing, tasting and marking and at 2:30pm the doors opened and in came the public eager to see all the amazing produce on show. And what a sight it was – well done to everyone who entered the show. You did us proud.

Finally it was time for the prize giving and once again our own Councillor Martin Suthers was with us (as he always is) to do the honours and present prizes and trophies with Honorary Show President Mrs Norma Howitt. Martin also presented certificates to the children of Orston Primary School for their wonderful efforts in entering Young Gardener of the Year. The winner received a trophy.


1 4 Potatoes – White Robert Bird David Parry Roland Shepperson
2 4 Potatoes – coloured Robert Bird
3 3 Onions Robert Bird Roland Shepperson Patrick Newton
4 3 Carrots Elaine Parry Ella & Holly McNeeny Robert Bird
5 Pumpkin Sue Marshall Tony Churcher Ella & Holly McNeeny
6 6 Runner Beans Elaine Parry Anne Johnson David Parry
6a 1 Long Runner Bean Sue Marshall Brian Harrison Tony Churcher
7 3 Beetroot David Parry Robert Bird Elaine Parry
8 5 Standard Tomatoes David Parry Ralph Madgwick Kath Price
9 5 Cherry Tomatoes Gwyneth Reid Ella & Holly McNeeny David Bastable
10 2 Courgettes with flower Patrick Newton Elaine Parry Rick Strasburger
11 1 Cucumber Ralph Madgwick Robert Bird Tony Churcher
12 1 Marrow Roland Shepperson David Parry Gwyneth Reid
13 Best Tray of Vegetables Elaine Parry Robert Bird Ralph Madgwick
14 Misshapen vegetable David Parry David Bastable Ella & Holly McNeeny
15 3 Desert Apples Mary Breedon Ina Wood Elaine Parry
16 3 Cooking Apples Bob Clarke Patrick Newton Mary Breedon
17 3 Pears Robert Bird Mary Breedon David Parry
18 5 Plums Gwyneth Reid Robert Bird Ina Wood
19 Plate of Fruit David Parry Ina Wood Robert Bird
20 1 Rose in bud in a Vase Ina Wood Jean Steene Harry Batchford
21 1 Rose in Flower in a Vase Roland Shepperson Mary Ibbotson Sue Sims
22 3 Dahlias in a Vase Harry Batchford Roland Shepperson Olive Baker
23 Best Vase of Mixed Flowers Audrey Gunn Ella & Holly McNeeny Elaine Parry
24 Vase of Mixed Garden Foliage Norma Howitt Ella & Holly McNeeny Elaine Parry
25 Flowering Pot Plant Barbara Armstrong Sue Marshall
26 Orchid in a Pot Mary Ibbotson
27 Foliage Pot Plant Jean Steene Audrey Gunn Sue Marshall
28 Succulent or Cactus in a Pot Mary Ibbotson Ina Wood Bob Clarke
29 Flower Arrangement in a Teacup Olive Baker Eileen Harrison Helen Pritchett
30 A Container of 4 Fresh Cut Herbs Robert Bird Brian Harrison Janet Iley
Cookery and Produce
31 6 Fruit Scones Fiona Gullis Ina Wood Olive Baker
32 Victoria Sandwich Cake Fiona Gullis Lyn Churcher Janet Iley
33 Apple Cake Bob Clarke Robert Bird David Bastable
34 6 Leek & cheese muffins Fiona Gullis Helen Pritchett Gwyneth Reid
35 6 Shortbread fingers Robert Bird Ina Wood Olive Baker
36 Jar of Chutney Robert Bird Audrey Gunn Anne Johnson
37 Jar of lemon curd Anne Johnson Robert Bird
38 Jar of soft fruit jam Audrey Gunn David Bastable Robert Bird
39 Jar of Stoned Fruit Jam Ina Wood Jean Steene Robert Bird
40 Jar of Marmalade Anne Johnson David Bastable Ina Wood
41 Plate of 4 Matching Brown Eggs Kath Price Ross Breedon
42 Plate of 4 Matching White Eggs Kath Price
43 Plate of 4 Matching Blue Eggs Kath Price
44 The wonder of water Peter Simpson
45 A handmade greetings card Jean Steene Kath Daw Gwyneth Reid
46 A piece of decorative needlework Kath Daw Anne Johnson Gwyneth Reid
47 A hand knitted item Gwyneth Reid Hazel Peston Norma Howitt
48 A crocheted item
49 A leaf collage on a plate – up to 6yrs Isabel Davidson
49 A leaf collage on a plate – 7 – 11yrs Imogen Poole-Richardson

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