Parish Council

Orston’s elected representative on Nottinghamshire County Council is Cllr Francis Purdue-Horan. Please see the county council website for contact details.

Cllr Sarah Bailey is the borough representative for Thoroton Ward. See the Rushcliffe Borough Council website for contact details.

The clerk to Orston Parish Council is Mrs Pauline Ryan:

For information on RBC’s planning policy or for information on applications: please go to for more information.

Please see the attached couple of pages (scanned from Rushcliffe Reports published by RBC) for details of the work of your borough and county councils: click here



5 thoughts on “Parish Council

  1. I’ve just put up approved Dec minutes and draft January minutes, Annie, and then opened them as a member of the public and it seems ok – let me know if you any more problems, Michele.

  2. The 20 mile an hour signs around the village are long overdue but the signs on Loughbon are completely obscured by trees. In spring no one will see them at all!

  3. There seem to be more and more heavy lorries going through the village, particularly since the sheds started going up off Smite Lane. I thought there was a weight restriction. If not there should be, with the schoolchildren at particular risk. Is there anything we can do about this?

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